Tip to Help Any Business Make Money Online 1 – It Starts With Writing Quality Content

It is possible for any business to make money online. It doesn’t’ matter how large or small your company is, or whether or not it’s web-based. The truth of the matter is that the internet is the primary medium for customers, employees, partners and investors to do research and therefore, it’s where any business should focus a good portion of its efforts.So how does a business make money online?Because of the limited nature of this article, we can’t go into detail on the virtually limitless ways in which a business can profit from the web. However, what we can do here is to discuss a core essential to allow any internet activity to bear the fruit of positive cash flow. This core essential is good writing. Or perhaps more accurately, great writing.Before we explain exactly how and why writing is so important to help a business make money online, let’s first examine how revenue is generated on the internet. This is important because there are some types of businesses who may not believe the internet is worth a good deal of their attention. Here are just a few examples of the ways in which the web makes money:
Direct sales of products, services and subscriptions.
The selling of website space as advertising space when your website has a high level of traffic.
Affiliate promotion of other related goods or services.
Providing informative and / or entertaining content.
Providing a medium for interaction between your business and those it effects.
Using internet-based publication methods to increase your company’s influence and authority.
Directly connecting some or all of the functions of your business to individual computers, phones, mobile devices and The Cloud.
This is hardly a complete detailed list. It’s meant only to illustrate the range of possibilities. It’s very clear that if you have an online store, membership-based web service or some other online point of sale it’s important to make use of the internet. However, no matter how large or small, it’s possible that every business can make money online, either directly or indirectly.How does good writing help my business make money online?The answer to this question could really be a series of articles, and in fact, that is what we hope to do. The simple answer to the question above is this: Quality writing is so important because when it comes to the internet, content is what we’re creating and promoting.Content, although encompassing graphics, video, audio and text, is still dominated by written information. This is because written information is what search engines can read. Therefore, even if you write the script to and film a great YouTube video, you still have to write a great SEO title, description and keywords. No matter how you swing it, quality writing is what will help a business make money online.The content that you create is permanent. Once it goes online, it’s searched, indexed, linked and shared. Often, once you put something online, especially something good, it will be copied and posted around the web. This is great for you, but keep in mind, it’s also forever.Whenever you are considering how your business can make money online, try to think of each piece of content as an investment. In other words, if you write an article, or pay for it to be written by a quality copywriter, what is the expected effect? It may be that the cash that is generated will come when someone reads the article, then visits your website, then contacts a referral and then comes into your store and makes a purchase in person. So if the article costs you $25 to have written, and it generates a few sales over the next year, is it worth it? And when considering this, what is the negative effect, or the loss of revenue when you don’t have the same article written well.Sometimes it’s difficult to see the long-term effects of a piece of copy. To carefully write or pay a good writer to create your internet content for your website, blogs, articles, press releases, advertising and marketing, you are investing in the profitability and influence of your company. This mindset is how you get on the road to your business making money online.

Making Money Online – Four Things You Can Sell

If you’re reading this it’s because you’re looking for ways to make money online.It’s all too easy to think that all you have to do is set up a website, throw up a few ads and the money will come pouring in. And that’s what some would have you believe is all you have to do.But the reality is quite different.If you want to make money online then you need to be selling something. There are 4 things that you can sell and in this article I’ll tell you what they are and run through them all to explain how you can use them.1. Your Own Products. Having your own products to sell is the most profitable way of making money online because it puts you completely in control of your online business, and you can sell just about anything.You can sell eBooks, software, apps, website templates, knitting patterns, works of art, doll houses, hand-made craft items or even garden sheds.Whatever it is, if you can make it or buy it wholesale, you can sell it online.2. Services. Maybe you want to sell your services. There are many different services that people search for, and pay for, online and the range is vast.Just as an example you could sell your writing services, consulting, personal training, mentoring, website makeovers, tarot card reading, data entry, software creating and even daily horoscopes.If there is something you know how to do, and you can do it via the internet, there is probably a demand for your services.3. Affiliate Products. These are other people’s products that you sell for a commission.Some website owners sell nothing but affiliate products. Some sell them to supplement their usual income from their job while others work at it full-time and generate 6-figure incomes.Selling affiliate products is known as affiliate marketing, because, marketing is all you’re actually doing, but you need to be good at it.You find a product that you want to sell that fits the niche of your website, write articles, press releases, ads, etc, to promote it and (hopefully) generate hundreds of sales.4. Advertising. Selling advertising is an easy way to make money online. There are many websites that use money from advertising as their only source of income.There are different ways to make money from advertisements.The most obvious way is to sell advertising space on your website. But to do this, you need to have a site that already generates tens of thousands of visitors a month.There is also Pay Per Click advertising which means you only get paid when someone clicks on one of the ads on your website. Google AdSense is the most-used PPC advertising program with payments per click ranging from a few cents to several dollars.With the right ads on your site, you can create a full-time income from PPC advertisements alone. But your website needs to be good enough to attract the right kind of visitors and in big enough numbers.There is also affiliate advertising which is similar to PPC except that you’re paid ‘per lead’ which means a visitor must not only click on the ad on your website but must also sign up to receive more information or make a purchase, depending on the program.And that is the four ways that you can make money from your own website.But don’t go thinking that you have to choose which one to do. Because if you want to, and you’re ambitious, you can do them all.

Maternal Nutrition is the Secret of Healthy Pregnancy and a Healthy, Well Developed Baby

Every mother wants to have an easy, uncomplicated pregnancy and a healthy child. Unfortunately, more and more women experience pregnancy complications, such as anemia, high blood pressure, thyroid problems, diabetes, premature delivery, and low birth weight.More children are born with birth defects and many of those who appear normal at birth go on to develop health problems later in life.One in 10 kids will have ADHD, one in 150 will become autistic. Children are affected by anxiety, depression, and bipolar disorder. Kids develop type 2 diabetes, which was unheard of just 20 years ago.Experts agree that most of these problems can be reduced and even prevented by proper nutrition during pregnancy.Mother’s nutrition has an affect not only on the pregnancy and on the infant’s birth weight, but even on the risk of birth defects, pregnancy complications, maternal illness, and future diseases when the child becomes an adult.Nutrients reduce pregnancy complications and birth defectsStudies show that proper diet and nutritional supplements, such as fish oil, vitamins C and E can prevent mother’s illness during pregnancy and premature birth. Vitamin A and beta-carotene along with magnesium, fish oil, and zinc can reduce maternal mortality. Iron and folic acid reduce anemia. Calcium reduces the incidence of pre-eclampsia and high blood pressure.According to the Journal of Nutrition:”Numerous studies support the concept that a major cause of pregnancy complications can be suboptimal nutrition.”"Frequency and severity of pregnancy complications may be reduced through an improvement in the nutrient status of the mother.”"Maternal nutritional deficiencies …may be significant contributors to the occurrence of birth defects. “Maternal nutrition will affect the rest of the child’s lifeMedical research shows that good nutrition during pregnancy and childhood can reduce baby’s risk of future cancer.Proper maternal nutritional supplementation can reduce the risk of diabetes later in child’s life.Certain specific deficiencies (for example magnesium) can also increase the risk of future diabetes.Even the risk of future osteoporosis (in a baby when he or she becomes an adult) is determined by “maternal nutritional status during pregnancy” and especially by vitamin D deficiency, which is very common.Most pregnant women are deficientUnfortunately, most pregnant women are deficient in vitamins, minerals, amino acids, and omega 3 fatty acids.Omega 3 fatty acids, especially DHA, are part of the brain, central nervous system, and the retina. A baby needs them for normal development of the brain and the eyes.Premature infants are more likely to have ADHD, depression, and schizophrenia, because their brains did not have a chance to fully develop and incorporate all the DHA it needed. On the other hand, children of mothers who eat large amount of fatty fish have better intellectual development and higher IQs.The problem is that almost 90% of women do not get even the minimal amount of DHA. Many women are deficient in folic acid, despite food fortification. Deficiencies of magnesium, calcium, iron, vitaminsC, D, E, and many other nutrients are very common, which can jeopardize the health of both the mother and the baby.Don’t count on prenatal multivitamin – it does not workThe sad truth is that a typical prescription prenatal vitamin does not correct most deficiencies, which are extremely common in pregnant women.Prenatal multivitamin is a poor source of nutrients. All the ingredients are synthetic, so your body cannot use them the way it uses natural nutrients from food.Plus it is loaded with chemicals, such as crospovidone, FD&C Red No. 40 aluminum lake, hydroxypropyl methylcellulose, lactose, magnesium stearate, mineral oil light, polysorbate 80, sodium lauryl sulfate, stearic acid, syloid, titanium dioxide and triethyl citrate. Neither you nor your baby need these chemicals. They do not help, but can only cause harm.How can you be sure to have the most optimal nutritionEat a good diet. This means eat natural foods. Oatmeal is natural, but cereal made from oats that looks like little doughnuts is not. Steak is natural, but luncheon meat is not. Eggs are natural, eggbeaters are synthetic unnatural junk.In other words, eat food the way it is naturally produced and avoid processed, man-made foods. This usually means avoiding anything that comes in boxes, cans, and plastic packages and anything that has expiration date months from today. Real food spoils, junk food is loaded with preservatives, so it can last for a long time.Eat fruits and vegetables, nuts and seeds, berries, meat, chicken, lamb, eggs, cheese, butter, and any other natural food that you like. Seafood and fish are usually OK, but eat large fish (salmon, tuna, etc.) in moderation because of potentially high mercury content.Try to minimize soda, ice cream, cookies, white bread and white rice, most breakfast cereals, and any other processed foods.But even eating a good diet may be leave you deficient in important nutrients. That is why I recommend nutritional supplements.As I mentioned, prenatal vitamins that you doctor prescribed is nothing but junk. It is a combination of synthetic chemicals, some of which may even be harmful for the developing baby.You should take only supplements that are made from real food. There is a company called Standard Process that has been producing food-based supplements since 1920s. They grow fruits and vegetables on their own certified organic farm. They dehydrate them using a patented low-heat high-vacuum process that retains all the nutrients. Think of it as turning a grape into a raisin. Raisins have all the same nutrients as grapes, except for water.They also use organ meats (liver, kidney, etc) from organic cows because they have very high nutrient content. They combine different ingredients to create various nutritional supplements. There is nothing artificial, no preservatives, no chemicals, only real food with real nutrients.It is never too early or too late to start. Whether you are just planning your pregnancy or are in the 3rd trimester, you need proper nutrition at every stage.This is the program I recommend to my patients:· Catalyn – a natural multivitamin/multimineral made from 12 different foods· Folic Acid B12 – for extra folic acid and B12· Ferrofood – natural organic iron· Calcium lactate – natural calcium and magnesium from beats· TunaOmega oil – naturally pure source of DHA and EPA, guaranteed free of mercury, PCBs, and other chemicalsAll these are from Standard Process. They are only available through health practitioners, so go on their web site and find a doctor near you. Or you can call my office at 718-769-0997 if you cannot find anyone locally.The important point is this. If you want to have a healthy, uncomplicated pregnancy and a healthy, well-developed baby, eat real food and take food-based nutritional supplements.